The Fun of Off Road Karting!

If the traditional Go karting done in cemented road circuits is already one adrenaline-pumping experience, just imagine the thrill there is with racing or karting off the road. Off road karting is one good alternative for those who wants to enjoy the challenge and adventure of karting but doesn’t want to get competitive. Despite the risk related to the sport, with the fun and excitement that it gives to the driver, there is no doubt that one can easily get hooked up with it.

Tougher than track karting, Off Road karting is now a popular motor sport drawing so much attention from the fast-growing number of karting enthusiasts all around the globe. But just like racing Go karts down the road track, it also requires skills to really excel in this type of motor sport.

The Off Road Go Kart

Off Road karting is the kind which makes use of a four wheel go kart primarily designed for the off road use.

Off road go karts are not just like the traditional go karts that can be enjoyed in many fun centers worldwide. These off road go karts have special features that are primarily designed to cater the demands of off road conditions that is why it takes an adult to handle and operate this type of karting equipment since greater speed and performance may mean greater risks at hand.

An off road karting machine has larger tires compared to the conventional ones. This provides an added ground clearance as well as traction needed to pass through off road surface. It also has a full suspension accompanied by shock absorbers located in the front and back of the kart to smooth out the driving in rough roads. Typically, it holds a powerful engine, one that enables the vehicle to climb up elevated surfaces and reach higher speeds and with the reverse feature that come with most off road Go karts, it would not be difficult backing up.

Origins Of The Off Road Go Kart

The first ever off road Go kart manufactured was the Odyssey produced by Honda. Released on the year 1977, it has a 250 cc 2-stroke engine with a single seat and CVT automatic transmission with bigger sized tires and one roll cage.

With the increasing popularity of this off road Go kart, by 1985, Honda upgraded the Odyssey and came up with the FL350. The changes included the improvement of roll cages, am increased engine size of 350 cc with an electric starter and a full suspension system for the front and back of the Go kart.

By the later part of 1989, the same company released the FL400 which has a larger engine size of 400 cc and now, it had already 2 seats and the suspension was enhance to be able to handle extra load. But the cost of the machine increased alongside with the enhanced features of the product. This resulted to unfavorable sales figures which led to the discontinuance of the production of the said product a just about a year after its launching. However, there are still existing units today of these Honda models.

The main goal of the company to open up the field of off road karting and introduce the possibilities to a lot of karting enthusiasts has indeed been a success. The sport has evidently been growing popularity worldwide.