Some Points About Moisture Alarms You May Not Have Thought Of

Moisture alarms are believed to be one of the safest and most effective ways to reduce and eventually eradicate the occurrence of bed wetting. It is always a good idea to practice using the moisture alarm with the child in the daytime and go through the motions of what the child will need to do in the event that the alarm goes off. Let your child practice setting the alarm off with a wet finger so he or she will become attuned to the sound of the alarm. Some alarms have different settings while others can only be purchased with one setting. Some alarms make vibrating sensations while other ring more like a bell or a telephone.

When you go to purchase a moisture alarm at a store or even online always keep the child’s physical comfort in mind as the alarm will be in close proximity to your child’s skin and bed clothes. Buy an alarm that is sturdy and will not break if it is accidentally dropped on the floor. Find one that is of a reliable construction and that has very simple easy-to-understand instructions. Most moisture alarms cost anywhere from fifty to one hundred dollars and some even more. The more features you desire, the higher the cost will be.

Hygiene of a moisture alarm is important since it will be in close contact with urine therefore buy one that can be both cleaned and disinfected easily on a daily basis depending on how often urine touches it. Some alarms are set off by sweat and this is not what you want. Make sure you buy one for your child that detects urine and not perspiration. This is especially the case during the summer months when it is hot.

Buy a moisture alarm that has a money back guarantee on case you experience problems with it. Make sure it includes batteries or if it doesn’t make sure that batteries to fit it are readily available from any store. Buy an alarm that won’t automatically fall away from your child if he or she tends to toss and turn a great deal in his sleep and pay attention to the wires in the alarm. Make doubly sure that they are long enough for use with older children.

A more sophisticated moisture alarm is one that includes extra feature. However be aware that the more features you want to have, the more you will pay. Some moisture alarms, as previously mentioned, will allow you to vary how loud the sound of the alarm is. If your child is a very deep sleeper this feature might be invaluable. Some alarms are like cell phones in that you can set them to vibrate or to ring. If you buy such an alarm you might want to try both the vibrating alarm and the noise alarm on varying nights to decided which one is most appropriate for your child.

More expensive moisture alarms contain clips that firmly attach the alarm to the child’s underwear pajama or bed sheet and some moisture alarms are equipped with a “wireless system” and a bed mat that helps avoid the problems of the wires jumbling up together. There are moisture alarms you can buy that contain remote sensors that are meant for parents to know when the child is urinating in his bed. These types are very expensive to purchase but could be extremely effective in helping the parents help the child. Depending on the model of bed wetting alarm you buy for your child you should cover the wires and perhaps even the entire alarm with a tee shirt or a strong piece of cloth.