Sleigh bed: “A revival of the old days”

Bed!!! The word itself sounds so relaxing that one feels like lying down in comfort and taking a round of the dream world leaving all the worries and tensions behind. However if the selection of the bed is not proper this feeling of relaxation and comfort can be changed into anxiety and discomfort. To avoid such situation and to get a healthy goodnight sleep after a day long hectic work schedule, the bed must be according to the level of comfort you desire to have. In between the huge collection of beds available with the furniture manufacturing companies today, sleigh bed is one such premier quality piece of comfort that one will love to buy in a single glance. With a slight traditional touch in the make of the sleigh bed make it the perfect one to match any type of interiors. This classic piece of wood incorporated in a solid metal frame has continued to be the center of attraction in many households around the world since last several years now.

All you want to know about sleigh beds

A standard sleigh bed generally comes in queen size and above, with a headboard statistics of around 52-1/2” tall and 64-1/4” wide. The Frame measures approximately 80″ long, 52″ tall, and 65″ wide. However today one can find sleigh beds of different shapes and sizes available in the market. The appearance of a sleigh bed is unique because in between its modern and stylish make and structure one can find a little traditional touch.

A huge variety of shapes of sleigh beds are available today in the market for e.g. a particular furniture manufacturing company has come up with a bed which has a very high head board and a scrolled foot end which resembles as of the ancient days king or queens bed. Some sleigh beds are given the outer finishing of leather fabric and are available in a wide range of colors making it suitable to all bedroom interiors.

Price range of a sleigh bed

There are many factors determining the price of a sleigh bed. Firstly the size and shape of the bed. The larger the size the bigger is its price. Secondly the material used to give the outer finishing of the bed. Some sleigh beds are given nice leather covering which makes it a bit expensive then the others. A queen sized leather bed in an average costs around $798 excluding the shipping or delivery charges. However the price of sleigh beds in general can be seen ranging from $600 to $1500 depending on the above mentioned few factors. But seeing its fresh and extraordinary look and superior level of comfort buying a sleigh bed will be a wise man’s decision.