Products To Buy For Children Who Suffer From Bed Wetting

If your child has problems with bed wetting there are products you can buy to make him or her feel drier and more comfortable. For example a special bed wetting alarm is a way to help your child overcome the nightly problem whereas other products such as disposable underwear are able to absorb the urine so it does not wet or stain clothing or bed sheets and it also contains the urine odor so a child can still do all his or her normal daily social activities such as playing sports, going on field trips with his or her class and attending pajama parties or staying overnight at a friend’s house. Children who have a bed wetting problem want to be able to have a normal life like other children their age and don’t want to have to worry about the odor of urine or its leaking out on clothing, a sleeping bag or the floor. Be aware however that these problems are a stopgap measure and will not get rid of the bed wetting problem. It might be wise before you do anything else to take your child to the doctor in order to rule out physical problems as the cause of the bed wetting behavior.

There are a variety of absorbent disposable as well as reusable products that you can purchase for your child to help ensure his comfort. Diapers that absorb urine readily are available for both babies and toddlers and there are assortments of absorbent underpants that can be purchased for those in the age range of three to five years. If your child is of school age and has problems with enuresis or incontinence (which is bladder control issues during the daytime) there are absorbent disposable pants that are designed to fit his or her growing body. Many of these products can be purchased from your local pharmacy or grocery store. If you are unable to find them there then check into a local or regional medical supply company. It is quite possible that you may be able to purchase the products you need online.

Disposable products such as disposable underwear are those that are able to absorb a large quantity of urine all at once and then can be sufficiently gotten rid of in the garbage. Disposable products come in handy when you are traveling or when your child wants to spend the night with a friend. Disposable products are very convenient as they can just be removed and thrown away once they become wet, unlike regular underwear that must be washed. This cuts down on the amount of laundry that needs to be done to keep up with a child’s bed wetting habits. However it can also become expensive if you need to buy disposable products on a regular basis. It is important to bear in mind that just like sanitary pads, disposable underwear cannot be flushed down the toilet but instead must be “disposed” of in a proper garbage receptacle.

Reusable products are just that, underpants that can be used a number of times and like regular underwear, can be washed and then worn again. You can buy your child either one-piece briefs or two piece briefs. The former is geared for “low volume bed wetting” while the latter is best for “high volume nighttime wetting” as it comes complete with a waterproof and absorbent cotton liner built into the underwear.