Preparing The Bed Of A Bed Wetter

Whether your child suffers from primary enuresis or secondary enuresis, it is important to take measures to make sure your child will be as comfortable when he goes to bed as night. One way to do this is to prepare his bedroom so it is as ready for a bed wetting episode as can be. This will help put both the bed wetting child’s mind at ease as well as the parent(s).

It is a good idea to buy a protective mattress cover and place it over the mattress to protect it from the potential of bed wetting accidents. Mattress covers can be found in the bedding department of any department store and don’t cost too much. It is best to buy a heavy cover that is made of plastic. In case of accident not only will this ensure that the urine does not seep into the mattress but also it decreases the chance of odor.

Suggest that your child wear extra-thick underwear or pajamas to bed. Not only will this help the child from feeling wet and cold in the morning it will also means that in case of an accident less urine will go all over the sheets. This also provides an extra measure of security for a child and can help boost lagging self-esteem. However make sure to not buy your children extra-thick nightwear that is too tight or scratchy and during the hot nights of summer the child will probably not want to wear pajamas or underwear that is extra think in its construction!

Diapers should become a thing of the past for children who are past the age of four, even if they are regular bed wetters. Diapers are likely to wreck havoc with your child’s self-esteem and also to thwart their motivation to end bed wetting. Instead opt for disposable absorbent underpants such as Goodnites that are specifically designed for bed wetting children.

Always encourage your child to use the toilet before he crawls into his bed at night and limit his fluids at least two to three hours before bedtime. Also decrease his intake of sugary drinks that contain a lot of caffeine. Sugary drinks include many types of juice and drinks filled with caffeine include soda pop, tea and chocolate milk.

Place an extra pair of pajama bottoms and/or an extra pair of underwear near your child’s bed at night so in case of an accident he can quickly change before going back to sleep. It also would be a good idea to tell him if he should simply cover over the wet spot in his bed with a towel or wake you to change his sheets. If it were the latter, it would be wise to have a change of sheets in close proximity.

Awaken your child at some point in the night to see if he needs to urinate. If your child is old enough to do so, have him set his alarm clock to awaken him at a certain hour so he can empty his bladder if need be.

Always praise and reward your child for dry nights and never give in to the desire to blame, ridicule or punish your child for behavior that is beyond his control.