How to Avoid Scamming When You Purchase Remote Control Helicopters for Sale

A bad place to get remote control helicopters for sale is your local newspaper, or at least that has been my experience. When I was younger and just discovering the Classifieds section in the evening newspaper, I used to look through every article, even though I really didn’t need any of those things. Well, I ended up falling in love with a set of remote control helicopters for sale in the newspaper that I just had to have. They were still quite expensive, but I saved my money for them, and I called the person who had run the ad, and they promised to save them for me.

After two days of lots of chores and saving my money, I walked to the seller’s home to get my remote control helicopters for sale. And much to my surprise, the seller had grossly misrepresented the helicopters.

Not only were they nonfunctional, but they didn’t even look like helicopters anymore! It turns out that the seller’s home burned down, and one of the things that he was able to salvage was the set of helicopters, and he was hoping that he could sell them along with a bunch of other wares to pay for a new house or at least rent for an apartment. You see, he didn’t have any insurance, so when the house burned down, he lost everything. Well, that story really tugged at my heartstrings, and since I was a young child, I didn’t know about scam artists, so I ended up giving him my hard earned money for two pieces of trash that I knew would never fly and that I couldn’t even use. I ended up throwing them away on the walk home, but at least feeling good about myself.

The worst part of the day was when I finally told my dad all about it, and he explained that the person who sold me the helicopters had probably found them in the garbage and thought he’d be able to sell them to an unsuspecting, foolish, person. Unfortunately I was that person, although I never did find out how he scraped up the money to run an ad in the newspaper, I hear they are quite pricey. The real moral of this story, though, is to tell you never to purchase remote control helicopters for sale unless you know for sure that you’re getting good, quality items, and you often cannot do that through an independent seller.

Go to an established place, like Radio Shack. The story does have a funny ending, though. The person that sold me the helicopters must have seen me throw them away on my way out, because he picked them out of the garbage, and sold them again. They were in the evening newspaper the next week. Of course, he wasn’t going to fool me again, but I wonder if anyone else fell prey to his scams…? Hopefully after reading this vignette, you’ll realize how important—crucial in fact—it is to be a shrewd consumer, in every sense of the word. And never settle for poor quality.