How to Achieve A Karter’s Full Potential

Competitive karting equipments are nothing if its driver does not have the excellent physical condition required to achieve the fullest potential of the Go kart. Perhaps, many of us think that it being properly fit is enough but really it doesn’t only require being a health buff to achieve the highest level of performance in the circuit. It also takes tuning up the mind to really excel in this kind of sport. Let us look at four essential requirements to keep up with a great karting performance.


Over the years, it has been proven that karters while racing revealed high pulse rates between three to four times than normal resulting to mind blackouts which lead to loss of focus on the track.

The rule follows that the more fit you are, the less oxygen is being used by your body under a case of stress. With relation to the driver, the less oxygen that the body uses, the more there is for the brain thus lightning reaction times as well as mental alertness is maintained.

To have this kind of fitness, it is recommended that you engage in activities such as aerobics, running and the like.


It is already a known fact that a driver should be having the proper training required by his body to produce the required level of performance.

The hands and the lower arms are very essential to the performance of the race driver and therefore, they should be in excellent physical condition when racing. To maintain the proper condition of your hands and lower arms, an exercise which involves using a weight of 7kg suspended from a single 25mm round tube by a meter of rope should suffice.

Wind the tube with your hands and by raising the weight, it builds up important muscles. At least ten sets of this will do. However, doing the exercise should not end up being some kind of a body builder. Remember, every muscle needs oxygen and the bigger body you have, the more oxygen it needs resulting to greater energy needs and eventually triggers stress.

Nothing beats the race strength that one can get out of practicing every now and then. Do it at least every week.


The karter’s diet must be properly regulated before the race. It is hard for the body to easily digest food. Blood, used for the purpose of digestion makes us feel lethargic so there should be proper diet just before the race. Food that are slow digesting must be avoided such as eggs, meat and the like.

Moreover, it also takes a karter to engage into a longer-term of nutritional programs to keep the body metabolism of the driver in condition. Eat the kind which has complex carbohydrates that are easily digestible and those that have a great amount of energy content.

Psychology Of Winning

Lastly, getting your head all together by means of going over in your mind each maneuver before the race completes the entire technique of achieving a driver’s fullest potential. At least go through the race in your mind everyday. By mentally picturing out the actions that you are going to take for how many times, it will help you when you are already becoming tired because the subconscious often has stronger control over the body’s actions than the conscious thoughts in our head.

To sum it all up, the five requirements to put into mind in order to win any race includes the well prepared karting equipment, proper fitness, enhanced physical strength, proper diet and above all, a good psychology of winning.