Hospital bed – comfort for the patient

Hospital beds are extremely necessary for patients who cannot move, especially in the fields of orthopedics where they are a must as the patient is completely immobile. There are a variety of hospital beds that are available in the market and these beds are different from the ordinary beds in the sense that they are made patient friendly with various facilities and are adjustable according to the needs of the patients. These beds have some upgraded features that are convenient and comfortable for the patient.

Types of hospital beds

There are various types of hospital beds available from the very basic ones to the latest state of the art beds. Following are some of the types that are readily available in the market –

  • Adjustable beds – The position of these beds can be adjusted and if the patient wants to get up or lie down. He does not have to do it himself, them bed can be adjusted according to the needs of the patient.

  • Electric beds – These are electric beds and do not need to be operated manually. They are button operated and are thus very easy to handle. Electric beds do not necessarily cater only to patients, because you can use them also as massage beds, but for this you will have to buy a special mattress.

Apart from these there are simple manual beds and semi electric beds. Some times these beds are available along with electric quilts and adjustable mattresses.

Features of the hospital bed and mattresses

Following are the features that are necessary to have a comfortable and convenient hospital bed

Mattress features –

  1. High quality with a spring design

  2. Durability

  3. Premium usage of materials like cotton etc

  4. 80″L x 6″H x 35″W is a right dimension though it can be changed according to needs

Bed features –

  1. If not electric then simple hand control is necessary.

  2. If its electric then it shouldn’t make too much noise and thus fast motor and DC low voltage is preferred.

  3. Durability and stretch resistant.

Thus an ideal hospital bed must have all these features of comfort and convenience. Along with these a sideboard and a headboard also should be included to make it more comfortable.

Cost of the hospital bed

The cost of a hospital bed varies. A manual hospital bed is likely to cost anywhere between 500 to 600 dollars while an electric bed will be close to 1200 dollars. You can decide which one to buy according to the needs of the patients and the prescription given by the doctor.

You can buy a hospital bed online or in the market and generally these are home delivered and fixed for usages, free of charge.