Good News About Bed Wetting

All news about bed wetting is not dismal. Although bed wetting is very common among children, almost all children who wet their beds on a regular basis do stop eventually. Some stop on their own without needing any type of treatment while others may try a couple of different treatments before finding the one that is successful for them. If you wet your bed or if you know someone who does, realize that there is nothing abnormal or weird about you. You have no serious physical or mental problem. In fact no one really knows exactly why some people experience bed wetting and others do not. It usually has nothing to do with your body functioning improperly or problems with your thoughts or your feelings. It is important to surround yourself with people who love you and understand what you are going through. Also it is good to be able to openly communicate with those you trust about this embarrassing problem. Do not allow yourself to get so discouraged that you stop enjoying your life and/or allow it to damage your self-esteem.

It cannot be emphasized enough- bed wetting is an unfortunate set of circumstances that often starts for no obvious reason but also ends all of the sudden with little if any outside intervention needed. Research studies have shown that in any given year approximately fifteen out of one hundred children just stop wetting their beds without the need for treatment or even a visit to the doctor. However in most cases it probably is a good idea to talk openly and honestly with your parents about this problem and then to go see your doctor just so he can help put your mind at ease and also rule out any physical problems such as a urinary tract infection or constipation.

When you go to see the doctor he or she is going to want to examine you and maybe even send you for a few tests. As well he will ask you questions about your bed wetting episodes in order to form a clearer picture of the problem you are experiencing. Try not to feel too embarrassed and keep in mind that your doctor sees a lot of children all of the time and many of then are likely to have the same problems as you. Be as honest and as clear in your answers as possible and feel free to ask the doctor questions about your condition as well. He or she is very likely to understand your anxiety and will want to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

There is more good news. Although you cannot cure it completely by changing your routine or behavior, there are ways to help keep yourself as dry as possible during the night. First of all don’t drink any beverages within a window of two to three hours before bedtime and in particular avoid drinks that contain caffeine such as chocolate drinks and colas. Always go the bathroom before you go to bed, and if you feel the urge to urinate as you are slipping off to sleep then by all means throw off your covers and get yourself into the bathroom before you have an accident.