Girl bed – Pink slumber kisses your eyes!

There are a number of types of bed that are available in the market these days. Right from single, double beds to beds specifically designed for boys, girls and toddlers. The design taste of girls is vividly different from that of boys in terms of color, shape and pattern and thus there are beds that are specifically designed to meet the specifications of girls. The beds for girls are also different in terms of shape and sizes and the mattresses that adorn these beds. So if you are looking for a bed for a girl here are the features that you must look into –

Size for the ideal girl bed –

You can definitely get a variety of sizes for the girl bed but if you have some space constraints or want the standard size then you can go for a bed that is 39″ wide x 75″ long” which is the size of the usual single bed. But if you have the luxury of a bigger room then you can go for the queen size bed.

How to decorate the girl’s bed?


Most often than not, girls prefer pastel shades like pink and mauve, so the ideal feminine getaway for your girl would be a beautiful pink or violet bed with feminine patterns and a soft satin pink sheet.


Girls prefer romantic shapes like the heart, and if you can’t manage to get that then a nice princess bed with heavy bedding and colorful motif is ideal.

Patterns and motifs

This is the most important aspect of designing for a girl’s bed. Girls love certain feminine motifs and patterns which can be painted on the cot and also have similar sheets. Also matching curtains and drapes will give an overall look to the room. Here are some of the motifs and patterns that experts in the field suggest –

  1. Floral patterns – These are the favorite among most of the girls.

  2. Cute animals and butterflies or teddy bears will enhance the femininity.

  3. Bright but contrasting colors like yellow and red for the sheets and the bed.

  4. Powder pink with lines and dots

So there are a number of options, which can be used to add femininity and have creative bedding for the girl. Also lots of fluffy pillows are a must.

Cost of the girl bed

The girl bed can be bought in various materials and sizes so there is no definite estimate of the cost, but the costs range from dollars 100 to dollars 500. Also the cost depends upon the fabric used for the sheets and pillows and the brand that is used for the bed defines the cost!

Happy decorating!