Futon Bed-“Perfect blend of form and utility”

There are various types of beds available in market. We should always select bed according to space, requirement and budget. Beds should provide comfort and must have nice support system. If you have small house, then king size beds are not of any use. It will only occupy space, making your house look smaller. What arrangements can we do for emergency? Well there is only one answer – futon bed. Futon beds are perfect spare bed. They are nice blend of function and form.

Futon bed serves as sofa as well as bed. It is relaxing sofa as well as comfortable bed. It is generally used as sofa. When you need a sleeping surface for a guest, futon pulls out, to create sleeping surface. Futon beds are available in many sizes and types.

Types of futon bed-

Futon beds are available in different sizes. Futon beds can be double bed or single bed. While considering futon sofa, it is available in single seater, two-seater or three-seater sofa. We can select futon bed according to requirement and available space. No matter you select double bed, single bed with single-seater, two-seater or three-seater sofa, they are enough strong.

Futon bed mattresses are available in various varieties. They are available in standard mattress, supreme mattress, pocket sprung mattress, leather mattress etc.

Standard mattresses are generally made up of K2 woolen thermal bonded pads and are non-spring units. Supreme mattresses are fuller version of standard mattresses and are much thicker than standard mattress. Pocket sprung mattress is luxurious hand tufted pocket spring unit. Leather mattresses are ultra luxurious grade 1 leather covered pocket sprung unit. Also fabrics are available in various collections like plain fabrics, texture fabrics and pattern fabrics. These fabrics can be found in different colors.

Advantages of futon bed-

  • Futon beds save space.

  • Futon bed can be used as sofa.

  • Futon beds can be used as spare beds.

  • Futon beds are useful in emergency arrangement.

  • Futon beds add style and charm to your house.

  • Futon bed is an extra bed in little space.

  • Futon beds offer comfort as well as durability.

  • Futon beds are easy to maintain.

Cost of futon bed-

We can always choose futon bed according to our budget. There are many alternatives available in market. Cost of futon bed differs according to size, mattress type, fabric type, pattern and texture of fabric. Futon beds normally includes price of mattress and fabric. Prices mainly vary according to size of futon that is whether it is single seater, two-seater or three-seater and bed is single or double. Generally price of trundle bed starts from around $140. Many suppliers provide 7-day home trial. One can always take benefit of discount and free shipping.