Electric Go Karts, the Good Choice for Kids

A lot of kids these days are very much fond of Go kart racing or Go karting, a popular motor sport where open-wheeled vehicles are driven around a track. For a beginner, Go karting is probably the most economical and by far, the safest way to get into motor sports or perhaps, advance into higher levels of auto racing.

For children ages five to fifteen, the electric Go kart is definitely the type that parents should prefer for their kids. In terms of performance and safety, an electric Go kart is definitely the top choice.

Advantages Of Electric Go Karts Over Gas Powered Counterparts

– An electric Go kart is safer to use and environment-friendly in that they do not emit toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide since they are only battery operated. Therefore, the health of your child will not be at risk.

– Unlike other Go karts, these battery powered ones do not create too much noise. Since they make less noise, they do not create so much distraction to the surroundings.

– Go karts are easier to use. It has features that make it less difficult for your children to control and operate. With just a simple turn of the key, the child can right away enjoy the thrill of Go karting.

– These Go karts can also be enjoyed indoors or outdoors and they will do just fine in the backyards of your own homes or the small streets in your village. Moreover, for indoor usage, there is no requirement of ventilation to use the Go kart.

– In terms of maintenance, its components are lesser and simpler compared with Go karts operated by gas. With this, a lower cost for maintenance is required for electric Go karts.

– Where safety is an issue, an additional benefit to this type of Go kart is that it does not easily flip over. The battery packs make it difficult for the Go kart to turn over. Thus making the ride truly a safe one.

– The initial cost that one can spend in an electric Go kart is lesser than that of the gas powered ones. At an approximate amount of two hundred bucks, your child can already enjoy an electric Go kart while it should take roughly five hundred bucks to have a gas operated Go kart.

Types Of Electric Go Carts

There are two types of electric Go karts. These are the Razor Go kart and the Hotwheels Go kart.

A Razor Go Cart is perfect for those youngsters that are to a certain extent experienced in Go kart racing. At an average speed of 12 kilometer per hour and a lot of driving time, these Go karts are well designed to cater to the safety of the driver. As compared to gas Go karts, this type of Go kart can be easily handled and maneuvered.

Hot Wheels Go Kart, on the other hand, is a great choice for little kids and those who are still starters in the field of carting. Its features include a single stop watch wherein the same can be detached from the Go kart’s steering wheel. With the Hot Wheels Go Kart, it can also be possible to design a racing track since track templates as well as sidewalk chalks will be provided along with the package. Furthermore, it can run up to the speed of 10 mph and are designed only for concrete surfaces.

With these electric Go karts, your children will surely be having the best time zipping around your place without you having to worry about their safety. Indeed, electric Go karting is one great sport to just have fun with the kids and best of all, economical and environment-friendly all on its own.