Dog bed – The pooch paradise

Dogs love to be pampered and they especially love cozening up on the sofa. But there are chances that some dogs have lot of hair fall and thus it might not be very hygienic to let your dog on the sofa. So how’s the idea of a dog having its own comfort zone? Well you can create a nice comfort zone for the dog by buying a bed for it, and there are ample varieties available in the market. Weather round or rectangular, heated or cooled, you can have a bed that fits your specifications to the T.

Sizes of the dog bed

Dogs are in various sizes. From cocker spaniels to Labradors, the sizes of dogs differ. And so do dog beds, so before buying a dog bed it must be made sure that the right size is chosen because a small size will create discomfort for the dog. Dog beds come in many sizes varying from 19” by 25” inches to really big ones like 30” by 40” inches.

Features of a dog bed

Here are some of the features that you are likely to find in a cat bed –

  • The sizes of the beds will be different, from 19” by 25” to 30” by 40”. You should pick one that is most comfortable and of the right size for your pet.
  • You will find cat beds that range from 25 dollars to even 100 or more dollars.
  • These beds come in different shapes, right from oval to round and flat square shapes and rectangular shapes.
  • Most of these beds are machine washable and can be easily assembled.
  • They come in different colors and some along with pillows. They also have sizes like XXL and XL etc
  • Deluxe and ultra deluxe beds are also available.
  • Cooled and heated beds are also available.
  • The fur can be easily removed and cleaned off.

You can find these dog beds in different materials like fleece, wool, cotton and polyester.

Cool Beds for dogs

Dogs love cool beds. There are beds, which offer fluid and dry cooling effects. These are maintenance free and good for dogs who especially are hot and always panting.

Thermo – heated beds for dogs

Dogs love warmth especially during the freezing cold temperatures. This is just he right bed for them because it can be heated and uses a thermostat with a 6 watt heating unit. These beds cost anywhere between 70 to 100 dollars.

Thus if you are in a mood to pamper your pet then this is an ideal gift to give your dog. Not only will it be a comfortable getaway for it, but also keep in warm in winter and cool in summer.