Divan bed: “maximum storage with superior comfort”

With the growing population the demand for homes has also grown since last several years. People now days are trying to accommodate themselves in limited space with supreme amenities of life. Everyone wants to have something very compact which requires less space and at the same time should look good and should be of some use also. Keeping this in mind furniture manufacturing companies today are coming up with a twin bed cum storage place. This bed consists of a box base for storage and a mattress for comfort while sleeping. This advanced form of household item is known as divan bed.

Relevant information’s regarding the components of a divan bed

As already mentioned a divan bed in general consists of a box base with drawers of the size and shape of the purchaser’s choice along with a perfectly fitted mattress. Whether for a single, double, king sized or super king sized bed the alignment and structure of the drawers can be done according to the need of a person. People should purchase divan bed according to the structure of the room and should order keeping in mind that there must be enough space for all the drawers to be fully opened. Normally divan bed of all the companies now a day comes in a 2, 3 or 4 drawers option. However some companies do provide a divan bed without any storage. The type of mattress also plays a significant role in the look as well as the utility of a particular divan bed. It should be noted that different type of bed need to have different type of mattress and one should consult the concerned person while shopping for a mattress. The most commonly preferred mattresses today keeping in mind the comfort as well the overall look of the bed are namely the Italian high quality foam mattress and the traditional sprung mattress.

Prices along with other facts about the wide variety of divan beds

Price of a divan bed depends on many factors such as the type, the size and the mattress of that particular bed. The bigger the bed is with more storage the larger is its price. It can be seen in most of the cases that the different types of divan beds manufactured by the same company largely differ in prices depending upon its quality. Generally the price of the divan bed today ranges from as low as $149 to as high as $699. It is a well accepted fact that the desire of luxury and comfort of any person can’t be said to have finished. So it’s just the matter of money, the more one can spend the more luxury he can buy in life.