Clipper City Microbrew Company

The Clipper City Brewing Company was founded by
by pioneer Hugh Sisson, with the intention of
restoring a rich brewing tradition to the entire
Baltimore area. By focusing on the classic styles
of beer that are made with fresh ingredients and
high standards, Clipper City is the largest
brewing company in Baltimore, giving the entire Bay
area residents reason to celebrate.

After the inception of craft brewing in Baltimore,
Hugh immersed himself in developing and market
recognition of both Sisson’s brewpub and all of its

The Clipper City Brewing Company produces three
regular offerings year round – Chesapeake lager,
Chesapeake amber, and the Chesapeake gold ale,
which was chosen as the official beer of the
Baltimore City bicentennial. Clipper City also
includes a line of specialty beers under the
Clipper Reserve heading.

These types include a Pilsner which is available in
May, Irish stout available in February, Oktoberfest
available in September, and a winter ale that’s
available in late November. Clipper City also
manufacturers a seperate line of beer, known as
the Oxford Brands, which include an English pale
ale and a refreshing summer blend made with real
raspberries known as the Oxford raspberry wheat.

For many years, Clipper City has proven that they
are the dominant brewing company in the entire
Baltimore area. Residents of the area enjoy the
many varieties this brewing company offers, as
they have everything for the seasons.

Even if you don’t live in the Baltimore area, there
are other ways to get the excellent beers that
Clipper City has to offer. There are several bars
and pubs that carry their beers, although most are
in the Baltimore and surrounding areas. If you’ve
been looking for a brew that is different from the
rest, you can count on the Clipper City Brewing
Company to deliver everything that you’ve never
thought possible about beer and microbrews.