Chiropractic Care and How it Can Aid Bed Wetters

Alternative methods of treatment such as hypnosis, massage and acupuncture are becoming more and more popular as ways to complement traditional treatments for a variety of health problems, and this includes bed wetting. More and more parents who believe in the positive attributes of chiropractic treatment are flocking to offices to have their children treated in the hopes that it will improve or completely rid their child of the condition of bed wetting.

A chiropractor will adjust a child’s spine accordingly and in particular will pay special attention to the sacrum or lumbar spine. The spine and nerves play a role in urination and improving the functioning of these can improve the way the bladder works. It is the detrusor and trigone muscles that control when and how the bladder is emptied of urine. The “nerve supply to thee muscles is via the sacral parasympathetic nerves from S2 to S4.” The urogenital diaphragm also plays a role in the emptying action of the bladder and it gets its rich supply of nerves from what is known as the L2 spinal nerve.

The tailbone (or sacrum) doesn’t develop as one complete section but instead does so in five different segments. These segments grow and then stay separate until puberty begins. Once puberty commences, each one of the sacral segments begins to fuse together to make a complete whole. The complete process of sacral fusion does not come to a conclusion until a person has reached their mid to late twenties.

Due to the fact that there are five separate parts that make up the tailbone it is conceivable that misalignment of any one of the parts can result in nerve irritation or nerve facilitation. Nerve facilitation in particular can directly affect the bladder and can well be the cause of nocturnal bed wetting in a child. If a child has sustained any kind of trauma or injury to the spine during these sensitive years when it is still in separate parts, such as a fall, a break or a fracture this can lead to bladder problems at an early age. This includes problems with bladder control at night.

Many studies done on the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments in children and in particular, the “adjustment of the sacral segments” has yielded different results. Some studies have shown that it helps children suffering from enuresis while other studies show it does very little good at all. This also might be indicative of the fact that in children with spinal problems who also wet their beds, chiropractic treatments can prove beneficial but it does very little for bed wetters who have perfectly healthy spines that are in perfect alignment according to their stage of development.

It is worthy to note that a chiropractor is also able to improve other problems that babies or children experience that can be related to the spinal column and the nervous system. It is not advisable to only seek out alternative therapies to help a child with bed wetting. Always try to put into play the most general methods at home first and as a second course of action make a trip to the doctor’s office with your child. Sometimes a doctor will suggest combining a few types of treatments for optimum benefits.