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Best Adjustable Bed 2018

Surely, these lift beds are not for everyone as some of them carry a hefty price-tag.

With that said, one thing can be said for sure, these mobility beds are good enough to make it to our list of the top best Adjustable Bed 2018.

Products NameImageWeightPrice
Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base with Massage147 pounds
Serta 822119-950 Serta Motion Essentials II Adjustable Foundation123.5 pounds
DynastyMattress Split King 12-Inch CoolBreeze GEL Memory Foam Mattress with SCape 2.0 Performance Brown Base Adjustable Beds Set Sleep System390 pounds
Ease Adjustable Base176 pounds
DynastyMattress Reverie 8-Series Adjustable Bed Base290 pounds
Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed From The Makers Of The Tempurpedic Ergo With Bluetooth Option175 pounds
Ergomotion Adjustable Bed Base 2100 Split King
126 pounds

Adjustable Bed Reviews

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base with Massage

The assembly was pretty easy but this thing is heavy! I have the queen size and I had a really hard time flipping this over once I had it assembled. I really suggest have someone to help but then I am a tiny, older woman so maybe it’s just me. Do be careful to pay attention to the labels on the motors as the head and the foot motor are different. They are labeled but it’s small print. Other than that, assembly was really fast and easy. And you may have to hit the red, reset button if it does not power up. I recommend doing that before you flip this thing over. I did not and had to craw
under the bed to hit it.

So far, I love it! It’s very comfortable. I can adjust it just about anyway I could want. I do wish I could make it just a bit higher though. The legs come in three parts that you can unscrew to make them shorter but, even with all three parts together, it’s a little low to the ground. Other than that I have no complaints about this bed at all.

I think this is an awesome buy and I highly recommend. If I have problems later I will update but so far, so great!

Serta 822119-950 Serta Motion Essentials II Adjustable Foundation

Unbelievably nice. Before this I had to go sit in the rocker-recliner when my reflux wouldn’t let me sleep. Motor is extremely quiet. I bought the full-size, which weighs about 90 lbs and I can move it easily. The delivery folks brought it up the steps and set it in the bedroom for me. Plus took the big box away. I couldn’t be happier.

This one is literally half the price of most of the motorized beds on the market. As one woman said, the corded remote simply means it doesn’t get lost. I have a carved-wood headboard mounted to the wall, and a knurl in the wood traps the cord, meaning I can just reach in the night and the remote is always there.
In the past I’ve tried accomplishing the same by velcro’ing a remote to the headboard–doesn’t work well, it falls off half the time. Remote on the floor when you want to lower the head part to go to sleep is not relaxing. So to me the cord is a PLUS. I literally cannot drop the remote control out of reach. If you don’t have a headboard, use a big pin to trap the cord to the sheet.

At first I only wanted the head end to move, but on trying the foot end raised, it is extremely comfortable. Hate to say it, am almost excited for the next time I’m sick and bedridden, no propping pillows under the knees, then struggling with them when I need to get up. I wish my son had this when he sprained his ankle and had to keep it elevated.

I was going to buy the 3″ legs. This unit comes with 7″ legs. I have a memory foam mattress and thought it would be too high. It is perfect. The height from the top of the built-in pad to the floor is 17″. Bedskirts are usually 16″. The legs are recessed slightly, reducing the chances of ever stubbing a toe on the leg while rounding the bed to nil.

I rarely have a delightful OOBIE experience with big ticket items. (out-of-box-experience) This Serta motion bed is the second in 30 years, I believe. The other was a Sears Kenmore range about eight years ago. This one exceeded expectations in everything: delivery 2 days earlier than projected, phone call 2 hours prior to delivery, unpacked and positioned by delivery people, and works and is more comfortable, quiet and easy than I expected. It’s fun! I’m 61 years old and LOL while playing in my new bed! When I moved both halves to their highest setting, my little dog loved rolling around in the valley.

DynastyMattress Split King 12-Inch CoolBreeze GEL Memory Foam Mattress with SCape 2.0 Performance Brown Base Adjustable Beds Set Sleep System

WOW! What can I say! Excellent mattresses…excellent adjustable mechanism! The price is a amazing for the equivalent of a Tempur-Pedic! We both love it. Don’t worry about it being too hot. My husband is used to a heated mattress pad and he actually gets cold at night. I put an extra blanket on his side. Can’t say enough about the delivery company. While it says, curbside, our company not only brought it up to the house, they put it in our bedroom. We were up and running the same night as delivery! Just plain thrilled!

Mattresses are comfortable and do not make you sweat. The motors for operation of the adjustable ends are quiet and quite smooth. The massage is a little on the noisy side but coupled with the wave is a nice feature. I would recommend if you are short to use the 3″ legs because the 6″ makes the bed to high to get into comfortable. Also the 2 lighted remotes are easy to see and use, with the added luxury of being able to set the beds as we both like. Sleeping is so much better for both of us just need to give it a couple of days to get the settings the best. Would definitely recommend if you don’t mine paying a little more for a quality sleep.

The only bad that I could find was the shipping took longer than promised and arrived on 2 different days. The driver that delivered said the trucking company had just merged with another so maybe that is why.

Ease Adjustable Base

Great bed, but beware if you buy a “Split King” or “Split Cal King” model….Sealy included VERY MISLEADING INSTRUCTIONS that caused me to waste nearly an entire day trying to figure them out. I did call customer service, and while they were friendly (and wanted to help) they were not very helpful (and essentially we’re just reading the same misleading/incorrect instructions to me over the phone).

For the Split Cal King that we bought, the instruction manual had very specific instructions on how the two bases MUST be bolted together before flipping it over (no easy task for a heavy California King metal bed frame). There were pictures that supposedly showed how to bolt the two sides together, and referenced all sorts of parts and bolts that should have been included in the packaging. The lack of bolts was fixed easily enough by going to the hardware store, but after spending a long time trying figure out the instructions and pictures (which were zoomed in very close, making it impossible to see where the connection points were supposed to be), and getting nowhere from Customer Service (who thought that the connection points were potentially hidden by the covering fabric), I started doing some research online.

What I basically figured out on my own, Sealy apparently changed their design for their “Split” model adjustable beds….and the two sides are NOT supposed to be anchored together (notwithstanding the instructions and insistence of Cusromer Service). The reason I couldn’t find any anchoring points, is because there were none!

Instead, the two bedframes just sit next to each other (and can be held together by using the optional plastic straps, which connect to the leg oillars underneath.

If Sealy had just included the correct set of instructions, and if they had properly trained their Customer Service reps about the design change, I wouldn’t have wasted so many hours trying to figure things out, and just sitting on the phone (and I would have given them 5 stars).

The bedframes themselves, now that they are properly installed, work very well…they are sturdy, and are relatively quiet when being adjusted (although not silent). I would definitely buy again if looking for an adjustable bed (but anyone else who buys a “Split” model, be aware that there apparently (at least) two different models (only one of which needs to be bolted).

DynastyMattress Reverie 8-Series Adjustable Bed Base

I will start by saying I purchased the Split King model from DYNASTY MATTRESS and they hired CBC Moving in my area to deliver the bed to my house.

1.) Delivery: The company you purchase from ships the item to your area and then a third party moving company/freight company will deliver it to your house. PLEASE NOTE: They will ONLY move the boxes inside your house. They WILL NOT set it up. They even said they are NOT supposed to take it into the room you want it. It is ONLY to bring the box from the truck through your front door into the first room. YOU will be responsible for moving these VERY heavy boxes into the room you want. YOU will be responsible for unpacking. YOU will be responsible for setting it up. You WILL need 2 people to move these boxes. I’m 43 and a strong guy but thankfully I had someone here to help me. I also didnt know they did not set it up. So again, thankfully I had someone to help me. So plan ahead. Dont break down your previous bed if you need to make arrangements for help.

2.) Shipping Condition: The boxes came VERY beat up. The delivery people have you sign paperwork about the condition of the boxes and that everything was there before they leave. Well, I had 3 delivery guys standing there waiting for me to sign this paperwork so they could leave. While the boxes were VERY beat up (see my pictures), there was no way they were going to wait around until I unpacked and set up these beds to make sure everything worked. Turned out, one of the pieces was damaged. The corner of one of the wood panels that makes up the head section was obviously broken. It doesn’t effect functionality and when you have the mattress on there you can tell but definitely very disappointing. (see pics)

3.) Unpacking and Setup: Again, you WILL NEED 2 people for this. There is a video online that you can watch. Search Reverie 8 Series setup. Its a good video made by the manufacturer for professional setup people. Make sure you free the plastic from underneath the bed before pulling it off the top. It’ll make it much easier. Make sure you cut all the zip ties holding the cables because they will need room to move as the bed moves. Make sure you put the two 9 volt batteries in the control unit which makes it possible for you to operate the bed in the event the power goes out. You access the battery compartment by popping the under-bed light off the control unit. The legs allow you 2 heights. If you want the bed lower, just unscrew the top section of the leg. For the Split King, it says to only put the mattress rails on the 4 corners of the 2 frames but I think we are going to put all 4 rails on each frame because we found the mattresses move without those other 2 rails.

4.) Mattress: Any memory foam mattress works with these. We bought the LUCID 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress right here on Amazon because we wanted a firmer mattress then what we had before (it was giving us back aches). We figured if we wanted more softness, we could always add a thin gel pad on top).

5.) Raise/Lowering: I love it. I have a bad back (from lifting too many heavy things by myself so moving these around was not part of the plan) so being able to raise my legs up is nice. But they dont go up as high as I hoped. Its not bad, dont get me wrong. The top portion comes up very far. Far enough that you can sit up and eat in bed. We had to laugh though, if you put the back and feet portions all the way up, you feel like you are being bent in half. SECRET BACK STRETCH: A salesperson one of the stores should us this. If you want a back stretch, raise both the feet and the top section all the way up and then lower them. As the bed lower, you feel like you are being stretched out. To me, it actually feels very good. The motors are very quiet. You can barely hear them. So I dont think you would disturb your partner.

6.) Sheets: Since this is a split king and each section moves independent of the other side, you will need to buy 2 sets of Twin XL bedsheets. If you tried using standard King bedsheets, if one person put their side up and the other didnt, the sheets would pull. We personally like having our own top sheets as well so that way we dont disturb each other if we turn over. Then we have a regular King size comforter.

7.) Massage: It vibrates. Nothing special. I guess it could offer some relief but dont expect much. It may not be something most people use often. You can vibrate just the feet or just the top section or both and they have some patterns. Again, nothing special. Just a vibrating bed.

8.) Night light: I like this. Each side of the bed has a light under the bed that you can turn on. Its a very subtle glow just to give you enough light your way.

9.) The remote: Kinda crappy. Not always responsive. Sometimes you have to push the button a few times.

10.) BluTooth Phone App: You can download a phone app that works as a remote control via BluTooth in the bed. For the Split King, you can control each side. That’s pretty neat.

11.) Safety Stop: I thought I had read that there was a safety feature that if something got in the way as the bed was lowering that it would stop. I tested it by swiping my hand around as my partner lowered the bed but it just kept going. This worried me because we have dogs and I dont want to crush them. It should worry parents and people with cats that may like to crawl under there in the night and sleep.

12.) Bed frame/Headboard: Yes, you can attach your own headboard to it. I’m told if you have a bed frame that the base unit will actually fit inside of a standard bed frame.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Disappointed by the delivery because I thought there would be setup. The condition of the boxes and the damage to the bed was extremely disappointing. The operation of the bed is good. I like it and I think it will provide years of great use. Very happy with all of the features. The review site SleepLikeTheDead gives this brand the top marks. I’ve also read Reverie actually makes the base that some of the other big name brands use so… you are just paying for their name. I can’t confirm this for myself. All in all, for the price so far, I’m very happy. If anything goes wrong, I’ll update my review.

Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed From The Makers Of The Tempurpedic Ergo With Bluetooth Option

Free delivery and assembly on the first floor, if ordered from Dynasty Matress. Considering how heavy the bed is, this service was much appreciated. The first delivery got botched as deliverymen managed to break bed corner by impoperly handling it. Dynasty Matress was quick to arrange another delivery and we got new bed within a week.
Bluetooth interface to iPhone works flawlesly and I even prefer it to remote, as you can set alarm clock for bed to wake you up at predetermined time and you also have ability to utilize the light underneath the bed. For alarm clock to work though, the app has to stay active on the phone to send signal at alarm time.
Don’t consider this bed if you want wall hugger feature (this bed is not hugging the wall) or like the idea of bed massage (bed just buzzes and it feels weird and uncomfortable).
Consider this bed if you want good sturdy adjustable frame with anti-gravity and anti-snoring presets, plus the abiility to almost sit up in the bed while reading book or watching TV.

Ergomotion Adjustable Bed Base 2100 Split King

I bought the Twin XL frame (one). This is the perfect answer to my lounge chair dilemma! I use it as a lounge chair in my TV room in lieu of any on the conventional loungers I have found on the internet and in stores. And for the price it does more than any of the conventional lounge chairs offer. But remember you still have to buy a mattress. I like this option because after a few years, the padding for seat and arms seem to always give out and then you have to replace the whole thing. This way I can just replace the mattress if I have to. But if you like arm rests this won’t work for you. I bought a memory foam mattress to put on top and the bar at the foot keeps the mattress in place without it slipping down. The top of the frame is cloth like, so that also allows the mattress to stay in place, although I do have to adjust the mattress once in a while. Then I simply bought a duvet cover for the mattress. (It is so nice to have any choice of cover I would want to match my colors!) Just be aware that the frame bed part is very hard so make sure your memory foam mattress has good bottom “softness/support.” It can be adjusted to recline at either the back or the feet independent of each other or you can adjust for both the back and the feet. Each end is controlled separately. I mention this because it was unclear to me in the description. The adjustments are not incremental like some that are manually operated, but can be adjusted to ANY LEVEL you prefer. I LOVE THIS! I also love the remote control for adjusting the frame rather than a manual control. Makes life so easy! The frame is VERY heavy, VERY sturdy and the remote is still working perfectly. I am always leery of anything electronic like this for fear that it would break and I would not be able to adjust the frame any longer. But so far after 2 months I feel very secure it is working properly and will continue to do so! It states that there is also a way to use batteries to operate the remote if the electric goes out, but I haven’t used this option. I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY with this purchase on every point!