Bed spread: “make your bed fill wanted”

The outer appearance of the queen sized bed placed in the master bedroom of your house plays a very important role in deciding the overall beauty of the room. A very luxurious and comfortable queen sized bed with a very high quality and expensive mattress and bed frame can look bad if you don’t give it a proper outer covering. The outer covering of the bed whether a bed sheet, a bed cover or in short a bed spread not only affects the interiors of the entire room but also reflects the personality of that particular person. One must be very choosy while selecting a bed spread for his or her bed room or any other room in the house.

All about bed spreads: types, shape and sizes, quality etc

Today one can find a huge variety of bedspreads available in the market. With some very big names in the field of manufacturing cloth accessories finding a beautiful and durable bed spread is not at all a big deal today. Bed spread consists of the entire covering of the bed ranging for bed sheets, bed covers to cushion and pillow covers. Bed spread nowadays comes in all shapes and sizes depending upon the need of the customer. Whatever may be the size of the bed single, twin, queen or king you can get your bed dressed with a nice bed spread from your choice.

While shopping for bed spreads in the market one must not compromise with the quality of the linen used to make it. Generally it is advisable to search for a material of polyester with poly/cotton backing. Using synthetic or any other bad quality linen can prove to be highly uncomfortable while sleeping. Today huge collection of bed accessories are available with all the retailers, which provides bed spread with the most beautiful embroidery done in a very high quality linen.

Price range and some other relevant facts

The price of a bed spread mostly depends upon its size as well as the quality of the linen used. However in some cases one can find certain variations in the prices among two pieces manufactured by two different companies. The amount of embroidery and other work done in the linen also affects its cost.

Generally a normal twin sized bed spread with minimal embroidery and cotton linen comes anywhere between $19 and $149. The price gradually increases with the increase in the size of the bed and the quality of the linen. Some very exotic and superior quality bed spread can be seen priced as high as $400. Thus a nice bed spread in some way can help you fulfill your desire of having a very beautiful looking bedroom.