Bed liner-that protects your truck beds

People who own trucks should maintain it properly so that it works without damages for a long time. Truck beds endure a lot of heavy use so it requires a heavy-duty protection. Heavy material like metal cargo, corrosive chemicals and salts are carried on the truck bed, which can damage it. Bed liners help protecting your truck bed from damages form these materials. There are a number of methods of protecting the truck bed single piece plastic liners, bed trays and rubber floor mats.

About bed liners

Bed liners are vehicle specific that is a specific vehicle has a specific bed liner. They are available in different models like the ones, which go either under or over the side rails of the truck. The selection depends upon the requirement of the liner. The bed liner not only protects the floor but also the sides of the truck. There is also a tray that is installed in the tailgate of the truck to protect it at the same time.

About installing a bed liner

Installing a bed liner is very easy. The owner itself can do this job. A bed liner is vehicle specific so they are generally attached using the factory drilled holes and the existing hardware of the truck. To install the liner one should go with the following steps-

  • To secure the liner in proper place remove the tie downs.

  • After removing the hardware place the liner in proper place and then again reattach the hardware.

Once the bed liner is installed you can give a protective non-skid spray to it so that the cargo kept on the truck bed doesn’t slide over and get damaged or itself damage other surfaces.

Types of bed liners-

There are mainly two varieties of bed liners, one is the spray –on bed liners and the other is drop in bed liners.

  • Sprays on bed liners-They get completely bonded to your truck floor and hence repeated maintenance is not required. They give a complete watertight and airtight truck bed protection. It protects the truck from corrosion, abrasion and rust formation in turn maintaining the beauty of the truck for a long time. They are available in many colors. The truck surface becomes easy to clean and generally the liner does not crack. They are environmental friendly.

  • Drop in bed liners-these are usually made of thick, tough high-density polyethylene material. They have a rib design which acts as a shock absorber. It offers good skid resistance. It is mostly UV resistant. It is less expensive and easy to install and remove.

For selecting a bed liner for your truck

One should always go for a liner, which is tough and durable. It decreases the cost of maintenance. The bed liner should give a superior protection against damages like impacts, abrasions, corrosions, and permeations. It should tolerate vibrations and high pitch destructive sounds. It should be moisture and slip resistant.