Bed in a bag – taking your bed with you

There are many types of beds available in this category of bed in bag. These beds are foldable, reversible and it can enhance the decor of the room. The basic material used for the beds in bag is polyester so that it can be washed. The entire set of the bed includes two pillows, a flat sheet,
a fitted sheet, pillowcases and a bed skirt. These beds in a bag are available in various designs like the ones with a floral pattern or large vines.

Material used:

The material is a blend of cotton and polyester with an equal ratio. Some of them have polyester in a larger ratio. Some of the beds in bags are totally made up of polypropylene. These are washable. Machine wash is preferred for the bed in bag.

Choice of the material of the beds:

The fiber, which is artificial, is not natural is not skin friendly and one does not feel very comfortable with it. If one has to care for the fabric of bed in bag one has to maintain it well, natural fiber is durable and easy to care for. One can take care of these fabrics easily. Machine wash is easy and they can be dried easily.

Use of woolen material for bed in bag:

The specialty of this fabric is that it can trap the warmth and it is breathable. As it is natural fiber it has a very soft touch and it is very durable. For daily wear and tear it is a good option. To avoid the fabric from shrinking one has to dry clean it. Other natural fibers like Lenin keeps the bedding cool for the best comfort. It also gives the room a very comfortable look to the bed in bags.

Other materials:

Other materials like the silk give the place a royal and an elegant look. It is not just an addition of a brand new look to the room but also an addition of luxury to the place also. It is famous for its smooth and silky touch. When it comes to caring for the fabric one has to be a little more
careful while washing or cleaning of the bed in bag.

How to care for the bedding?

In the beginning the bed might be a little crisp but it is a deliberate effort by the manufacturer to give it a wrinkle free look. But over a period of time these become softer due to the continuous washing of the fabric. The material can be judged after two to three washes.

Sizes available:

The sizes vary as they are up to the demand of the people as the people can order them. The available sizes vary from extra large to the small size in the bedding.