Bed and Breakfast-“A Pleasant country experience”

Bed and breakfast is a kind of lodging operated in a large single-family residence. In it, guests can be accommodated at night in private bedrooms. Also breakfast is served to the guests. Bed and breakfast is habitually termed as “B&B”. Bed and breakfast is sometimes the primary business but usually the secondary source of income for the family. The staff generally includes family members and owner of bed and breakfast.

Though B&B is intended for one night stay, guests can stay there more than one night. But in some cases guests are expected to be away during day. But usually this arrangement is also found to be convenient because mostly B&B’s are located in the country, mountains or on beaches.

The bed and breakfast arrangement exists from the late 19th century. It was very normal for country travelers to stay in B&B. They used to prefer B&B rather than an inn. This was an informal arrangement forced by acquaintance as well as by social rank.

Bed and breakfast tries to attract customers by serving them fine breakfast and with the antique furniture. Also many packages and discounts are offered to customers. Also rooms for two or three are available now days.

You can get information about bed and breakfast accommodations either from travel agent or from Internet. Many bed and breakfast accommodations are related to association, which has web sites. Also one can get information about it from travel guides. Bed and breakfast’s are available almost everywhere due to its increasing popularity. Canada, Niagara-on-lake, Hawaii, Colorado etc have some of highly popular bed and breakfast inns. They are also very popular in France, Arizona, Iceland and Florida.

Points To Remember-

  • Some B&B does not provide private bathrooms.

  • As B&B’s are generally small and can only accommodate 10-15 guests. It is advisable to make reservations in advance.

  • Consult a travel agent who has knowledge about this type of accommodation.

  • Every B&B serves different breakfast.

  • Facilities available can be not sufficient.

Advantages of Bed and Breakfast

  • It gives you personalized and special travel experience.

  • You can always experience touch of local flavor.

  • You can easily access popular locations.

  • Enough facilities in considerably at a very less amount.

  • You can experience homely environment.

  • B&B’s, which are located at mountains or beaches, are full with tourism and recreation activities.

Charges of bed and breakfast-

Normally charges depend upon location, rooms and facilities provided. It also depends upon season. If it is traveling season then rates can be high. Generally charges start from $40 onwards up to $145 per night for two people. If you are sharing a room with two or three people, then the rates will be cheaper. Many bed and breakfast inns offer discount and exciting packages. One can always take advantage of these facilities.