Absorbent Underwear For The Bed Wetter

Approximately seven million children across the United States wet their beds on a more or less regular basis. Most researchers theorize that a bladder that has not fully matured causes nocturnal bed wetting. Whatever the reason, children are embarrassed by the behavior and often fear being teased and called names by their siblings, other family members and peers.

Besides emphasizing to a bed wetting child that the behavior is not within their control, it is important to be supportive and understanding of the uncomfortable situation. Another way to help bring some small comfort to your child and to help bring down his anxiety level is to make him as physically comfortable as can be. A simple way to do this is by way of disposable absorbent underpants. These handy disposable underwear work equally well for boys and girls as no child wants to wake up feeling cold and wet and fearing anger from their parents. Disposable absorbent underwear absorbs the urine much like a baby’s diaper does but better. They are thicker than a lot of diaper brands however they pull on just like a regular pair of underwear. They also allow a comfortable fit for the child as well. The child is likely to forget that he is not wearing a regular pair of underpants.

There are a variety of disposable absorbent underpants on the market and they all provide excellent options for bed wetting children. Two of the most well known include Pull-ups training pants which are designed for small children who are making the adjustment from diapers to underwear (and are a wise option for those who suffer from nocturnal enuresis) as well as Goodnites absorbent underpants which are specifically geared towards children who are five or six years old or older who suffer from bed wetting.

Many adults mistakenly believe that the use of disposable absorbent underpants for their bed wetting children will only prolong the problem. There is no evidence at all to substantiate this belief. In fact using disposable absorbent underwear often cuts down on the level of frustration that is felt by both the bed wetter as well as the parent who must constantly wash undergarments, pajamas and bed sheets.

Absorbent, disposable products can also provide children with more confidence in themselves and less fear of being “found out” by those in their peer group. Children who wear disposable absorbent underwear are not as afraid to spend the night at a friend’s house or attend summer camp. Anything that helps your bed wetting child continue to enjoy his life to the fullest is sure to make him happier and not wreck havoc with his vulnerable self image. Many parents find the combination of a moisture alarm and the disposable absorbent underpants to be a winning, and successful combination at night.

It is essential for parents to be as understanding and supportive of their child as possible. As many ways as you can think of to improve your child’s quality of life is beneficial. Remember that the bed wetting problem is most likely a temporary state and the child will eventually outgrow it. In the meantime be kind and patient with your child and help to ally his fears any way you can.